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Organic Raw Mustard Honey/100% Natural Honey/Pure Raw Honey(250gm)

By Buraansh
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Raw mustard honey is known to have countless medicinal properties. The Buraansh’s Raw Mustard Honey comes from the nectar of mustard flowers found in the foothills of the Himalayas. Collected by the rural folks from Himachal Pradesh, this raw mustard honey comes to you in its richest and purest form.
Product details-
·    	Raw Mustard Honey is collected in small batches by the locals to maintain its quality and standard.
·    	This pure raw mustard honey is not pasteurized or heated after extraction, which helps retain its nutrients
·    	It is macro-filtered and contains natural floral pollen, making it all the more exquisite.
·    	It helps reduce inflammation & aids weight loss.
·    	Consumption of raw mustard honey is believed to be effective for skin health, especially dry skin.
·    	People who are dealing with arthritis are believed to get relief to some extent if raw mustard honey is consumed regularly. Its antioxidant properties aid in the fight against free radicals, which are a leading cause of disease.

·    	Type: Raw Mustard Honey
·    	Quantity: 1 Unit
·    	Packaging: Glass Jar
·    	Weight: 250g
·    	Manufacturer: Buraansh
.       Shelf life: 364 days
.       Allergens: Bee Pollen
.       Storage Instructions: Room temperature 

Gluten free




Net Weight : 250g 

Shelf Life : 364 Days

Allergens : Bee Pollen

Storage Instructions : Room Temperature

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Within 3 days

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