Why You Should Join Us ?

Gharobaar is not only a marketplace; it's an attempt to connect your home to others and make you experience the warmth, love, care, tradition and uniqueness of each home. We aspire to promote business/individuals working from home to live their passion and fulfill their dreams.
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Some More Reasons To Join Our Family!


For partners operating from home, creating or trading in products (food and non-food) and offering exceptional services.


Showcasing products created with love and care, in a hygenic setting with the comfort of home, and/or services enabling good life

Connecting with emotions

Promoting stories of our partner's grit, determination, commitment, passion and struggle, encouraging buyers to 'Go-Local' and 'Hoot-for our Roots.'


Not just a marketplace, but a feeling of working with friends and family. Seamless & transparent flow of information and transactions.

Seller Promotion

Curated promotions for sellers on social media, with seller videos, to showcase their stories with motivation for the business, current set up & process.

Integration & Flexible

The platform would be integrated, enabling real-time updates, easy to use Interface, providing complete visibility of order lifecycle, along with the flexibilty for sellers to serve as per their capacity & convenience.

Support In Business

We have tied up with service providers to help you set up (GST registration, licenses), promote (content writing, photography, media management) and manage (delivery, packaging, accounting) your business.

Unique Positioning

Suppliers categories(Phoenix, Out of Job, First venture, Sole bread earner, My passion my profession, Gritty over Sixty) designed to make buyers connect better. Loyalty/Performance-Linked rewards & recognition programs.

Barter System

'Jadh se Judo' - Barter Karo Coordinate, collaborate, communicate, negotiate and facilitate trade with fellow sellers to exchange your products/services with their's.
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What's in it for you to join the family?

Unique Loyalty/Performance program

Comprehensive design with parameters focusing on sales, grow1th , exclusivity, alignment to platform theme and Gharobaar promotions. Interactive seller dashboards to help manage business better. Seamless movement to higher tiers with associated benefits of promotions, free/discounted services, etc.


Supplier to decide the radius for service, lead time to serve an order, days/time of operations (e.g only weekend working), accept or reject an order within 2 business hours, alerts & multiple communication channels (chat on the platform, mail, messages).

Wider Reach

Access to a community of buyers and sellers looking for homemade, high quality, daily need and lifestyle products & services that are easily available at reasonable prices. Almost everyone can be our buyer.

Access to service providers

Highly rated service providers for marketing, packaging, delivery, and other services for managing operations @ low cost with prompt servicing promise.

Prompt Payment Processing

Multiple payment options- Payment gateways, credit cards, COD, Bank Transfers. Alerts on receipt of payment, weekly settlement.

What is required from you to be a family member?

Proud of your offering

We want partners who take pride in what they do, we want their energy and enthusiam to reflect in everything they do. Remind yourself of the reason why you started, where you are and what got you here.

Compliant with statutory requirements

You should have the business registered (preferably have GST & other statutory registrations, IPR/trademark), along with the relevant licenses & certifications (eg. FSSAI) for your products and services. Don't worry if you don't have these right now, we'll help you.

Not compliant yet? No worries! We'll help you out!

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Passion to serve Customers

Exemplary customer service is at core of our operations, your decisions have to be driven by the intent to offer customers in each interaction, an experience that brings them back to Gharobaar.

Quality conscious

'Quality in everything we do' is a philosophy we strongly believe in, your products and services should be of the highest possible quality with no compromises.

Online Trading

You should be acquainted with how the online trading/bussiness works. Basic understanding is a must, and to manage any complexities of online trade, we would be at your service.

Home Operations

Your journey has started from home and you are not an established/big business. Our intent is to promote small businesses and partner with them in their grow1th journey over the years.
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    1. What do I need to register as a seller on Gharobaar?
  • You will need to give us the following information: Your business details (Company name, Brand Name, Address, Product details) Your contact details (Phone number, Email ID) Tax Registration details (PAN and GST), Bank Details, IPR/ Trademark FSSAI License Details (for food products only) \ Certification Details (for service providers)
  • 2. I do not have a GST number, can I still sell on Gharobaar?
  • If your primary state of business is Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Maharashtra or Karnataka, then you do not necessarily need a GST number. However, for all other states, having a GST no. is mandatory at the moment. For more information contact us at [email protected]
  • 3. Am I liable to accept every return request placed by a buyer?
  • We do not offer a no question asked return policy. We would look into every return request placed by a buyer, and evaluate it keeping everyone’s consideration in mind. Post the evaluation, the platform will take a call on the payment liability
  • 4. How would my products be shipped?
  • You do not need to worry about your product shipments. Just keep the products packed, and our delivery partner will pick them up from you and get them delivered
  • 5. Would you be storing my products in your warehouse?
  • No, we do not have a warehouse. The products are picked from your home by our delivery partner and delivered directly to the buyer
  • 6. Do I have to incur the shipping cost?
  • The shipping cost is auto-calculated at checkout, and has to be paid by the buyer. The buyer also has an option to take a subscription package from us and avail free deliveries
  • 7. I am operating on a very small scale and do not have a ready inventory of all my products at all times. Would that be a deal breaker?
  • At Gharobaar, we understand that when operating from home, you can only work at limited capacity. You do not need to have a ready inventory for any product that you list on our platform, and you can work entirely on pre-orders as well
  • 8. Where can I see the orders placed?
  • You would be able to see all the orders placed on the platform, along with other details, on the seller dashboard page of the website. A separate app is also being developed for sellers where all the information from order to delivery, would be easily available.
  • 9. Who can I reach out to in case I face a problem?
  • Please reach us at [email protected]. We will get in touch with you and assist you in resolving the problem
  • 10. Do I need to enter into an agreement with Gharobaar before I can list my products?
  • Yes, you would have to read and accept our Seller Agreement before onboarding on Gharobaar. The agreement would also be uploaded on our website/app, and can be accessed any time.