Zoobie Doo : Hypoallergenic Dog Biscuits by The Barkery

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Some of our fur babies are susceptible of getting food allergies. The Barkery's Hypoallergenic Dog Biscuits contain ingredients that are better suited to a dogs natural digestive system and are made up of ingredients that are less likely to cause allergies. 

These biscuits are vegan, natural, gluten free, made with human-grade ingredients and do not contain any sugar /salt / preservatives / added colour. Suitable for dogs of all breeds above the age of 2 months.

- Bananas
- Oatmeal
- Rice Flour
- Apple Cider Vinegar

*Apple Cider Vinegar is completely safe for dogs and provides various benefits, such as improving your pets skin and coat.

Packaging- Plastic Bottle

Made In India

No allergen




Net Weight : 300g 

Shelf Life : 8 Days

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Within 3 days

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