Joy of Giving Box

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Manufactured: All products contains in box are Handmade from Natural seasoned Reclaimed Teak Wood
Concept & Use:
Joy of Giving- Sharing Happiness

Joy of Giving is a Big Box of Happiness with plenty of little treasures that will most definitely bring a smile to your face and light up your day! Gift this box with pure intentions and spread happiness within and around you…

A small act of giving can sometimes do wonders! Academic research proves that in giving, the heart is nourished and kindled with pleasure and achieving purpose and fulfilment in life comes from giving unconditionally…the feeling is everlasting…

Giving is the simplest and most uncomplicated gesture and giving without expectations is the right path to follow. Seeing somebody smile and being the reason behind that smile is a heavenly feeling and as it is truly said, life is a full circle- make others happy and happiness shall knock on your door!

Now Cube brings you to the present moment and helps you enjoy this instant with fulfilment.
Power Band- Wear this band to embrace power and protection through the transfer of right vibrations to your inner self.
Blessing Coin- This blessing coin wishes you prosperity and abundance in life.
Delightful Birds-Wishing you happiness! This flight of birds is here to wish you happiness and they hope you do the same to everyone around you.
Mini Bell- Ring the bell, take a deep breath and have a mindful moment with yourself.

Packaging- Wooden Box

Made in India



Net Weight : 428g 

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