Pickleberry Tuna Fish Pickle (200g)

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Inspired by traditional Kochi style where tuna is a beloved fish of the locals, chunks of fresh tuna meat is naturally dried, fried and pickled with natural Arabian Coast spices mix, vinegar and oil. This is a pickle that every seafood lover would relish endlessly. You can expect the  meat to be a bit hard but is juicy with the masala and vinegar soaked in it when chewed. It is an amazing side to your meal. It goes well with Roti and Dal Rice. Do you know that tuna meat is a good source of calories, proteins and essential vitamins? Our customers love this and it has always been one of our bestsellers!


Fish, Sunflower Oil, Fenugreek, Chili Powder, Vinegar, Salt, Curry Leaves, Mustard

Contains no added preservatives, colours, flavours or taste enhancers, No irradiation


Store in cool and dry place
Always use clean and dry spoon
Keep the lid fastened once served
Shelf life: 

6 months once the jar is opened. Refrigeration is necessary in hot environments.

This pickle is added preservative free.

Gluten free

No allergen


Net Weight : 200g 

Shelf Life : 185 Days

Dispatch Date

Within 3 days

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