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The Fat Cook and Company Company Tomato Relish| Tomato Dip| Organic Tomato Relish 300 g| Tangy Tomato Relish| Homemade Tomato Relish

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 This Organic handmade Relish, a favorite in many Indian families, reintroduces the familiar and comforting taste of big, juicy tomatoes combined with fiery green chilies. Scoop it up as a dip for nachos or serve with rotis and dosas.

1.	Unique flavor combinations for a unique lunch. To get the true acidic taste of tomatoes and the zesty tastes of spices, they use high-quality organic ingredients and organic spices. Gluten-free and vegan.
2.	They will be a fantastic compliment to all of your meals and snacks since they are made with seasonal, fresh, and tasty organic veggies and ingredients.
3.	Using native ingredients 
4.	No artificial preservatives
5.	Handmade in small batches to sustain the original flavour.

1.	Brand: The Fat Cook and Company
2.	Type: Homemade relish
3.	Flavour: Tomato
4.	Ingredient type: Vegan
5.	Country of Origin: India

Gluten free

No allergen



Net Weight : 300g 

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