Raw Honey from the Shahi Lychee Flowers (500g)

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Indian Summer is the only company in the world selling the Shahi Lychee Honey while the Lychee tree grows in many parts of the world but the Shahi Lychee grows only in North Bihar.
This raw honey is acquired from bees feeding on the flowers of the famed Shahi Lychee tree which blooms only once a year in North Bihar.
This is a mono floral spring honey and is procured from beekeepers who follow good bee keeping practices.
We do not homogenise flavours or add any flavouring. We do not add water, sugar, preservatives or additives.
This honey is 100% raw, natural and unpasteurised. 
Pale and translucent in colour, it has a distinctive fragrance and a sweet mellow taste. Add it to your toast, cereals, lemonade and mock tails, use it for baking or making dips and sauces. This honey tastes amazing even if it's eaten as is.
High on Ayurvedic healing properties, enriched with vitamins, minerals and amino acid. Raw honey is a super food and has many medicinal benefits. Excellent for treating a sore throat, cold and asthma. This honey can also be used to nourish your skin.
This honey is naturally effervescent. 
Part of our proceeds will be used to empower and educate the beekeepers, farmers, and children of Bihar.

Gluten free

No allergen




Net Weight : 500g 

Storage Instructions : Room Temperature

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Sakshi Aggarwal

Great Product

2 years ago

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