Probiotic Drink for Dogs and Cats by The Barkery

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Probiotics are living microorganisms that help the body to maintain a healthy intestinal and colon flora.
Microscopic living organisms also known as “good bacteria” benefit the pet's health by balancing out the “bad bacteria” of the GI Tract resulting to a better functioning digestive system and a healthier life.

Just a few drops, every alternate day to your pet, can do wonders to their health.

This probiotic drink helps with:
-Decreasing gas production, flatulence and bloating.
-Supports healthy immune system. 
 -Fight loose stool and diarrhea. 
-Promote good gut function,removes toxins from the body.
- Helps in skin irritations, infections and excessive shedding.
- Promotes respiratory health.
- Enhance wellness. 

- Fruit Peels
- Jaggery
- Water

Made In India


Net Weight : 30g 

Shelf Life : 1826 Days

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