Himalayan Gatherer Cow Desi Ghee, Clarified Butter, 300g Jar, Homemade Ghee, strengthens body and boosts immunity, 100% Natural (300g)

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A2 ghee or desi cow ghee is a rich source of nutrients that helps strengthen and energise the body to the core. We at Himalayan Gatherer make sure our products are worth the money that you are paying for. Therefore, this ghee is prepared through homemade style in the villages of Himachal Pradesh so that you could relish its rich and authentic taste. Butter is first churned out of curd which is made from the milk sourced from Himalayan cows. It is then given a boil to extract homemade desi ghee.
Since the quality of ghee is greatly affected by the quality of milk through which it was churned out, the milk used to make this ghee comes from high-altitude Himalayan cows. These cows are taken special care of so that they can produce high-quality milk and are therefore, fed on chemical-free and natural fodder which makes them produce nutrition-rich milk.
Want to know its health benefits?
It helps in eliminating toxins from the body while optimising the immune system so that you remain healthy for longer durations. Since it is rich in omega acids you can apply it to your face and hair which helps in moisturising them.
Make your chappatis taste more delicious by applying it generously to them. Also, you can enhance the taste of your dishes and Currys by adding a tablespoon of this ghee along with the vegetable oil. In addition to this you can feast on the taste of this delicious ghee in the breakfast also by applying it to the toast.
Fun fact about this product- Himalayan cows only give 3-5 litres of milk per day while it takes almost 20-30 litres of milk to prepare 1kg of ghee.

1. Anti-inflammatory properties.
2. Strengthens and energises the body.
3. Helps in getting rid of chapped lips.
4. Improves eyesight.
5. Boosts immune system.
6. Churned out from the milk produced by Himalayan cows.
7. Moisturises Skin and hair making them feel soft and silky.

Ingredient Type-Vegetarian
Weight-300 gm
Brand-Himalayan Gatherer
Country of Origin- India
Please Note- It is fine if you see mild residue or colour differences as it is a natural product and also signifies purity.
Allergen Information-Dairy 
It is good for-364 days
Sourced from-Himalayan region

Gluten free

No allergen

Net Weight : 300g 

Shelf Life : 364 Days

Dispatch Date

Within 3 days

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