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Himalayan Cow Desi Ghee, 150g Jar, Clarified Butter, 100% Natural and Premium Product, Unsalted Ghee, Strengthens and Nourishes the body (150g)

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Do you know why people demand Desi cow ghee or clarified butter a lot? The answer lies in the fact that Desi ghee is extracted from milk which contains only A2 beta-casein protein as opposed to the regular milk which contains both A1 and A2 beta-casein protein and is considered less healthy than milk with only A2 protein. We at Himalayan Gatherers source the milk from high-altitude Himalayan cows used in preparing desi ghee. These cows are fed with fodder which is all-natural so that they produce milk which is high in nutritional value.  To make sure its rich authentic taste is kept intact this ghee is prepared in homemade style in the villages of Himachal Pradesh which also gives it a rustic essence to it. It has numerous health benefits associated with it which makes it a desirable option to always have it on your kitchen shelf. Since it has a high percentage of saturated fats it, therefore, helps in increasing good cholesterol while lowering bad cholesterol without being detrimental to lipid profile. You can relish its rich and authentic taste in every meal by adding a tablespoon of it to your curries and also applying it to the rotis to make them taste better. If you are having chapped lips you can rub a drop of this ghee which would help you greatly.

1. Contains anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.
2. Great source of Vitamin A and E which keeps the liver healthy, balances hormones and aids in improving fertility.
3. Helps in maintaining healthy skin and treating burns.
4. Rich in Vitamin K which helps in calcium absorption thereby, strengthening bones.
5. It improves the body's metabolism making it beneficial for weight loss.

Ingredient Type-Vegetarian
Weight- 150 gm
Brand-Himalayan Gatherer
Country of Origin- India
Make Sure- You are not using it for high heat purposes like frying.
It is fine if- You see mild residue or colour differences as it is a natural product and also signifies purity.
Allergen Information-Dairy 
It is good for-364 days
Sourced from-Himalayan region
It is packed in- Glass Jar

Gluten free

No allergen

Net Weight : 150g 

Shelf Life : 364 Days

Dispatch Date

Within 3 days

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