Happy Policeman

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We wish we were as happy as this policeman at work! We have noticed toddlers are fascinated with uniformed helpers like police(wo)men and fire(wo)men. Design of the happy policeman is inspired from the Queen's guards with it's oversized hat. This stacker has varied components and buttons to alignencouraging patience in toddlers while they stack and restack to get it right(ish). The toys can be used to traffic control in imaginary highways in the playroom.Happy policemanis made of ivory wood, which is used traditionally by toymakers as it is lightweight and smooth-grained. It is finished with non-toxic 
paint polish and there are no small parts/choking hazards making it absolutely safe to play with. Stacker toys encourage fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and problem-solving skills.

Age Group : 1-2 years

Material: 6.5 X 6.5 X 20

Dimensions: 6.5 X 6.5 X 20 cm


Net Weight : 300g 

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