Handicrafts Paradise pair of kissing Swan /duck Home Decor Showpiece - 7.25 inch

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This most beautiful pair of swans by Handicrafts Paradise is a wonderful creation in metal art. This pair bears the message of love and relationships as both of them come together as pair. Swans are symbolic of love, grace, union, purity, beauty, dreams, balance, elegance, partnership and transformation. This creation is made of metal making it everlasting; like the love and bonding between the swans. It keeps swimming with the creative flow. The male swan has a slender long neck than the female, thus creating height difference. The swan teaches us to maintain long and loyal relationship for she knows how to stay true to others. Keep it in your bedroom and trust that long lasting love will be part of your life. It can also be kept in water  etc. to give an extraordinary effect. It is a perfect gift for people who love. As handmade it might have mild variations.

Product care instructions- Wet Cloth Wipe

Made In India


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