COCONUT OIL (Fractionated)

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FRACTIONATED COCONUT oil is an ultralight, in-odorous coconut oil which is extracted from Cocos Nucifera plant from the family of Arecaceae through the heating process. Coconut oil from Sarva by Anadi is one of the purest forms of fractionated carrier oils in the industry.  It is thin in consistency and has the ability to stay in liquid form even at very cold temperatures.

This deluxe class of coconut oil has several skin as well as hair benefits.
Colourless and odourless
Exhibits high absorbent quality without clogging the skin pores.
Does not solidify
An effective moisturizer for sensitive skin due to its long lasting moisturizing properties. 
Does not interfere or impact the fragrance of any essential oil.
Perfect for body massages for providing relaxation 
Works wonders for messy/unruly/frizzy hair by providing natural shine and smoothness
Can be used as an effective makeup remover

Directions for use  
Blend coconut oil with few drops of essential oil for topical use.

It is advisable to conduct a skin patch test on a small area before continuous use. Leave it for some time to observe signs of any significant reactions. 
Keep out of reach from children under the age of at least 3 years. 
Store in cool and dry place.

Sarva by Anadi represents a collection of pure and herbal essential oils originated in India. 

Size - 100ml e 3.3 fl.oz

*Best before 2 years. 
*User Discretion required.


Net Weight : 155g 

Shelf Life : 730 Days

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