Bottle-Ful Life

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A bottle full of freshness. With this Bottle-Ful Life, carry your source of Oxygen wherever you go. (Plant not included in the package. You could plant any of the wonderful plants that easily grow in water; for e.g Pothos, commonly known as money plant, Wandering Jew, Philodendron, etc. or even some fresh flowers for special occasions). 

Size: upto 320mm (h) x 80mm (w) x 80mm (d) 

Care & Maintainance : A little bit of sunshine and some fresh water every week, is all it needs. 

Packaging Info : Material used for packaging is a combination of Repurposed plastic packaging if needed to protect against weather conditions, on the inside. Outer layer is all brown paper that's easily recyclable.

 Please Note : The image is representing the style & design. The actual colour combinations delivered could vary.


Net Weight : 600g 

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