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Batman soap- Detaining soap- lemon charcoal soap

By Curie
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110 gm, batman logo shaped, yellow-black soap. 
Glycerin based moisturizing soap base. Contains lemon juice 0.5%, Activated charcoal 0.2%, Vit-B 0.02%. 
Lemon Juice contains Vit C with added Vit B helps to remove sun tan. Antioxidants present help in reduce skin damage and premature aging. 
Fresh lemon fragrance (Strong intensity-long lasting fragrance). Lemon fragrance is proven calming and mood-improving agent. Makes one feel fresh and helps in relieving stress. 
High foaming, hard water-resistant soap. 
Vegan, no added preservative. 
Lasts around 20 washes*

No allergen


Net Weight : 100g 

Shelf Life : 366 Days

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Within 3 days

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